MCR Automation
25 years of engineering
experience & automation
packaging expertise.
MCR is proud to work with Who we work with Blueprint Automation - Pattyn Packaging Lines - Soco System - Endoline - Egemin - Toppy - Transpak - TAWI Vacuum Lifters - Cyklop - Christ Packing Systems - Q-System

MCR supply full turn key solutions for all product ranges cases, plastic crates, trays, pallets, and many of other products to meet
your future requirements. We can add module packaging systems, relocate modules, or whatever fits your future needs.

We can build custom machines that fit your packaging requirements plus we supply the full electrical controlled
logic systems to control your turn key system.

MCR Industrial Engineering are involved in many projects of varying sizes. Our Core Area of business is the Project
management/ Design /Manufacture & Installation of Industrial Engineering Solutions. Ranging from One off machined
components to complete Pharmaceutical Production room and Changing room Fit outs.

We set very high standards for ourselves and we deliver time and time again to customers operating in the following
sectors: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries, Chemical, Electronics, Semi State Government organisations and more.

In addition, we perform Prototyping, Engineering and Design of new projects, study and realisation of equipment and
related using the latest Cad, 3D Modelling and Engineering solutions according to the specifications dictated by the customer.

We have an extensive portfolio of Projects and Clients in particular within the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage
sectors, where standards are extremely high. We deliver time and time again.

You can find further details of our company within the pages of this website, and we welcome your call at any
time to discuss your requirements with one of our team.



MCR clients can enjoy the assurance of full 24 hour
service coverage. Our 24 Hour Service Support Line staff
are always available at +353 1 88 99 170


simply fill out your name & phone number and a member of our team will call you back asap.