Palletizing refers to the operation of loading an object such as a corrugated carton on a pallet or a similar device in a defined pattern. Depalletizing refers to the operation of unloading the loaded object in the reverse pattern.

Many factories and plants today have automated their application with a palletizing robot solution of some kind. Robotic palletizing technology increases productivity and profitability while allowing for more flexibility to run products for longer periods of time.

A robot control system with a built-in palletizing function makes it possible to load and unload an object without spending a lot of time on teaching. Robotic work cells can be integrated towards any project. With current advancements in end of arm tooling (EOAT), robot palletizing work cells have been introduced to many factory floors.

In Order Fulfillment, there a few robotic solutions that are really revolutionizing the material handling world. These include Layer Forming and Inline Palletizing, Layer Depalletizing and Palletizing, and Mixed Case Palletizing, each have specific benefits that can truly improve a client’s operations with marked productivity, flexibility, and reliability.