Our tray washers offer a flexible range of wash and rinse treatments for major food producing or distribution companies. Sustained jetting with hot water and detergent, re-circulated from a heated wash tank, powered by a wash pump. Our washers can be heated to 85ºC for sanitisation, solenoid controlled fresh rinse (from mains) and Blow-off and drying sections available.

We can supply in feed and out feed conveyor handling systems to fully automate your washer lines.

  • Extract Fan
  • Wash Pumps
  • Full Automatic Control System
  • Rinse Pumps
  • Steam Feeds ¾” B.S.P
  • Water Fill ¾” B.S.P
  • Condensate Return ½” B.S.P
  • Drain Connection 3” O/D
  • Lift out Filter Basket
  • Mesh Chain Conveyor
  • Access Doors
  • CE Compliant

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