The FLV series include forklift AGVs that are able to automatically pick up and deliver pallets, containers, rolls, carts and many other conveyable loads. Automated guided vehicles with forks are the most common type of AGVs because they are so versatile. They can pick and drop load from floor level, racks, stands and driven conveyors. Forklift automatic guided vehicles can also handle nearly any load: pallets, skeleton containers, IBC’s, racks, tubs, boxes, rolls. A variety of forklift applications Forklift AGV systems are the ideal solution for warehouse and distribution areas. Thanks to their versatility forked automated guided vehicles can be used for a wide range of applications.

  • Narrow forklift AGV
  • Straddle forklift AGV
  • Reach forklift AGV
  • Counterbalance forklift AGV
  • Side lifting forklift AGV
  • Dual fork forklift AGV
  • Automated forklift
  • Shuttle AGV system

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