Our Special Lift equipment can be used for turning by 90° reels of paper with a maximum weight of 1000Kg and maximum diameter of 1270 mm.

This enables to take single paper reels from piles arranged on a pallet, move and turn them so that the operator can easily place them back into the rotary press. The reel can be also put on pallet, waiting to be placed into the printing machine.

Also we supply a special pallet jack lift it is a combination stacklift and pallet truck, battery operated hydraulic system, that easily transports and lifts heavy loads to an ideal working height.

The pallet jack lift loads by means of an hydraulic cylinder with a chromed piston, controlled by a built-in oleodynamic electronic unit. This pallet jack is equipped with a photocell that makes it automatically go up or down according to the load height.

  • Lifting Heavy goods
  • Combined pallet lifter and stacker trucks
  • Lifter for turning film rolls 500Kg’s
  • Max load capacity 1000Kg
  • Safe & Ergonomic load lifting
  • Optional mechanical gripper
  • Attachments
  • Variable lifting heights
  • Cost effective
  • CE compliant