The MCR V-Shape pallet Exchanger can be supplied with simple platform or with an on-board conveyor .

Thanks to the pallet warehouses, fed by conveyors for the pick up and delivery of the wooden and plastic pallets, MCR V-Shape Exchanger can guarantee an higher output if compared with the same stand alone pallet Inverters. These type of exchanger are suitable for drums or delicate loads.

The V-Shape pallet Exchanger features ad adaptive centering system by sonar device, for the centering of the product onto the new pallet and the compensation of the two pallets different size. The safety is guaranteed by fencing and by light curtains, preventing anybody from entering the system area.

  • Stainless steel or Painted options
  • Suitable for all pallet types
  • Variable clamping pressure
  • Multiple load height options
  • Automatic Infeed / Outfeed options
  • On line turnkey solutions
  • Fully logistic lines available
  • Cost effective
  • CE compliant