Our Automatic truck loading or ATL AGVs automatically load and unload common over-the-road trailers with pallets or other unit loads.ATL vehicles aren’t just limited to trailer loading and unloading. They are designed to handle multiple operations such as line take-aways, conveyor picking, warehouse storage and retrieval and moving products between work-in-process (WIP) and other manufacturing operations.

Automatic trailer loading systems operate 24/7, practically lights-out, and lead to more efficient operations and shorter wait times in shipment areas. This directly leads to labor cost savings and reduces operational expenses.

The intelligent free-roaming navigation system can handle the widest range of difficult trailer operating requirements where others can’t, including wet floors, frost, and varying wall and floor surfaces. Moreover the AGVs are capable of performing a full cube-out of trailers. This substantially lowers shipping costs.

  • Efficient Automatic Truck Loading Solutions
  • As Flexible as Manual Lift Trucks
  • Reduce Labour and Operating Costs
  • Maximum Safety , Zero Damage

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