MCR have two pallet washing solutions Horizontal & Vertical Pass through.

Horizontal pass-through

The pallets often arrive in a process in stacks. After being automatically destacked, the pallets are cleaned in different phases and optionally blown off as required, after which they can be automatically stacked again. The horizontal pass-through can also be combined with the cleaning of crates.

Vertical pass-through

This principal is often used in a standalone application. The pallets can be easily inserted in order to be cleaned in the correct way.

  • Extract Fan
  • Wash Pumps
  • Full Automatic Control System
  • Rinse Pumps
  • Dryer System
  • Steam Feeds ¾” B.S.P
  • Water Fill ¾” B.S.P
  • Condensate Return ½” B.S.P
  • Drain Connection 3” O/D
  • Lift out Filter Basket
  • Double Chain Conveyor
  • Horizontal & Vertical Systems
  • Access Doors
  • CE Compliant

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