Our Semi Automatic stretch wrapping system for wrapping pallet goods are reliable and cost-effective.

We offer pallet wrapping machines with pre-stretched and non pre-stretch systems. These can be supplied with ramp or flush mounted floor frame. The machine is easy to operate, with clear and simple button functions. Replacing the film roll is simple and fast. There are access points in the base of the turntable to allow internal transport with a forklift.

  • Semi automatic machines
  • Turntable diameter 1650mm
  • Max load height 2032mm
  • 25 loads per hour
  • 0-12 RPM
  • Max load weight 1800kg’s
  • Cost effective (0 – 200% Pre-Stretch)
  • Quick and easy film change
  • Labour saving
  • Compact design
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance