Our drum washer systems are designed to wash and rinse the interior of pails and drums using hot water, detergent or solvent . These drum washing systems are specially designed for  food, beverage and chemical companies.

We provide a large selection of drum washing systems and options because of the wide range of different residues that need to be removed from containers from various industries, the wide range of cleaning fluids that might be used by a company and the quantity of drums that need to be washed. All of these factors have an impact on what washing system will meet your special and unique requirements. We are here to assist you with your selection

  • Extract Fan
  • Wash Pumps
  • Full Automatic Control System
  • Rinse Pumps
  • Steam Feeds ¾” B.S.P
  • Water Fill ¾” B.S.P
  • Condensate Return ½” B.S.P
  • Drain Connection 3” O/D
  • Lift out Filter Basket
  • Mesh Chain Conveyor
  • Drum Inverting
  • Access Doors
  • CE Compliant

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